Brian Wohn

Born just outside of Detroit, MI in 1965, but have lived in North Carolina (for a short period), South Carolina and Mississippi, before settling in Alabama for the past 30+ years. Nice state for the most part – except the heat – it is HOT here… and very little wind and very much humidity in the summer. Winters are the best!

I’m a graphic designer for a living, but my real passion is woodworking. If your interested, here is a link to my website (HammerheadWoodworks) where you can see some of my work. When I’m not working so hard, we enjoy traveling, and our newest adventure is a travel trailer. This is our first time out in an “RV” and look forward to seeing where the road takes us.


Roberta Wohn

From Bruceton Mills, WV, and lived for a while in Morgantown, now residing in Alabama for over 10+ years. She likes the warmer weather, and more so, she puts up with ME (not an easy task to be sure). I’m so very happy to have her in my life’s journey.

She loves gardening, a wonderful painter and reads a lot. (boring – if they can’t make it into a movie, it must not be worth talking about). Birds and nature are on both of our lists… especially birds and hawks – we have several by our home.


From time to time, we’ll post our trips, stories and other weird topics – please check back and see what we’re doing next.

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